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SameSide: Empower Events for Social Impact

SameSide Inc

For profit business

SameSide has built a web-based events platform powering social impact gatherings that are live or virtual. We want to make Los Angeles the most civically engaged city in America by making it as easy as possible to incorporate information and calls to action for causes into the activities and gatherings already happening every day.

Please describe the mission of your organization.

SameSide’s mission is to provide technology to empower grassroots political engagement at the millions of events and gatherings that happen every day live or virtually. Through SameSide everyone has the power to impact the issues that matter to them most while doing the things they love.

In which areas of Los Angeles will you be directly working?

  • City of Los Angeles

In what stage of innovation is this project?

Expand existing program

What is the need you’re responding to?

In a time when people power is more critical than ever to solve tremendous social issues, we must meet people where they’re at to empower them to join the fight and be part of solutions. SameSide is a peer-to-peer events platform that allows anyone to connect their live or virtual gathering to a cause (political or issue-based). During the event, SameSide’s technology delivers calls-to-action from the cause to participants’ mobile phones with ways to join and drive change.

In 2017, our Dinners for DACA raised over $40,000 and led 200+ participants to engage in action to protect Dreamers in just 2 months. Using technology, this type of engagement can be replicated across the millions of gatherings that already happen every day - dinners, fitness classes, happy hours - to expand access to grassroots power in every community.

In turn, events on SameSide help causes reach new people in new communities digitally and through their phones at events led by people they trust.

Why is this project important to the work of your organization?

While SameSide is used across America, we want Los Angeles to be the standard-bearer for what a city looks like to be civically engaged in 2020. We are a team of native Angelenos who know the solutions to many of our city’s toughest issues can be solved with technology and power through people. Leveraging LA’s best-in-class creativity, open-mindedness and diversity, SameSide aims to harness the LA spirit in every community to amplify voices for the issues that matter to them most while doing the things they love.

We know that to create progressive change, we must build power from the ground up and make it discoverable and accessible to all. We are a team of technologists, user experience experts and activists. We have brought together a powerful combination of talent - and will enhance it with this grant - to empower the next generation of civic engagement like it has never been seen before.

Approximately how many people will be impacted by this proposal?

Direct impact
Indirect impact

Please describe the broader impact of your proposal.

By directly focusing our efforts on building an ecosystem in Los Angeles for civic engagement capabilities that touch the everyday lives of Angelenos, SameSide will empower community members to bring people together and align with the organizations on the front lines of change in the city. Through SameSide Angelenos can see that people just like them are creating change, not the celebrities, politicians or billionaires who dominate our city.

Any gathering can be an advocacy event with SameSide. Already birthday parties, comedy shows, dance workouts, movie screenings and so much more have been advocacy events through SameSide delivering information and mobile activism to support homelessness, income inequality, education gap and more.

Please explain how you will define and measure success for your project.

Our goal is to empower 1000 unique hosts in Los Angeles from July to November 2020 to host events for political engagement and Get Out The Vote (GOTV). We aim to empower non-traditional political engagement event hosts and venues - restaurants, retail locations, health and wellness leaders, party planners, and more - to bring in participants who would not normally take part in political action.

Through SameSide, anything can be an advocacy event. Birthday parties, comedy shows, dance workouts, movie screenings and so much more have already been advocacy events through SameSide delivering information and mobile activism to support progressive issues.

Success for us is defined as 50% or higher participation from event guests who have never engaged in political action prior to their first SameSide event.

We will measure success through follow-up surveys to understand participants’ engagement in political action prior to their SameSide event.

Following November 2020, we have set a goal of another 1,000 events in Los Angeles from November 2020 - July 2021 focused on issue engagement.

Which of the connect metrics will your submission impact?​

  • Income inequality
  • Minority- and women-owned businesses
  • High-growth startups
  • Social and emotional support
  • Volunteerism
  • Voting rates

Are there any other LA2050 goal categories that your proposal will impact?

  • LA is the best place to PLAY
  • LA is the best place to CONNECT
  • LA is the healthiest place to LIVE
  • LA is the best place to CREATE

Which of LA2050’s resources will be of the most value to you?

  • Access to the LA2050 community
  • Communications support
  • Office space for meetings, events, or for staff
  • Strategy assistance and implementation

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